Metal Gates in Esher for Security and Style

Thanks to the many benefits they offer, metal gates are a popular choice for domestic, commercial and industrial sites in Esher and the surrounding areas. We understand how difficult it can be to choose the right gate for your property, which is why we offer complete consultation services for every metal fabrication job we undertake. As well as gates, we provide metal railings, balustrades and steel staircases. As such, we ensure maximum security and style for your home or business.


Metalwork offers our customers in Esher a variety of benefits. Because we have over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and skills to create metal gates and metal railings in any number of designs. The following are just some of the main advantages we deliver to our customers:




For many home and business owners in the Esher area, security is a key concern. Because metal gates are incredibly strong and durable, they are the best material for maximising security. They are also compatible with security systems, such as remote access control units.


To ensure complete safety for your home or site, we recommend metal railings. We make these to match gates and can include features to deter intruders.


Property Value


Decorative metal gates are an ideal way to add value to your property in Esher or the surrounding areas. Our metal fabrication products make your property stand out and make it more appealing to potential buyers.


High-quality metal railings, gates and balustrades, such as Henley Fabrication provides, also benefit commercial properties. This is because they create a professional appearance, giving clients a good first impression and helping to ensure a positive image of your company.


Bespoke Designs


Just one of the reasons so many people in Esher chose us for metal fabrication is our bespoke services. From metal railings to steel staircases, we tailor each product to you. Whether you need a decorative border for your garden or simple balustrades for your balcony, we offer the ideal solution.


We fit metal gates and other products to your exact space, ensuring the best possible finish. Furthermore, because you have complete control over designs, you know every element of your property is going to fit together perfectly.




Metal is very strong and, because we galvanise components, our products offer maximum durability. The strength of metal railings and gates gives you peace of mind knowing that they aren’t easily broken through.


In addition, our metalwork is weather and rust resistant, meaning metal gates and other features in Esher are unlikely to require repairs or maintenance any time soon. This includes steel staircases as well as gates and railings.

To discuss the benefits and design possibilities of metal gates for your property in Esher or the surrounding areas, call Henley Fabrication today on 07928 379728.

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