Steel Staircases in Surbiton | Your Guide to UK Building Regulations

At Henley Fabrication, we create metal gates, balustrades and steel staircases for a range of applications. Because these features provide protection, it’s essential for them to meet high standards of quality and safety. As such, there are a number of UK building regulations surrounding the construction of metal railings, staircases and other metal fabrications. All work we undertake in Surbiton and the surrounding areas meets these criteria, ensuring your project doesn’t fall foul of Building Control.


If you’re unsure on the requirements of your project, make sure to contact the team at Henley Fabrication. With more than 30 years of experience, we offer expert advice and guidance.




There are three categories of stairs within construction: private (homes and gardens), utility (access, maintenance and escape routes) and general access (offices, retail, public service and communal).


When undertaking metal fabrication services, we consult with each customer in Surbiton to assess exact needs. At this stage, we determine the type of staircase you need. We make sure all steel staircases we provide are suitable for their applications.


Some of the key regulations to consider are:


  • 42 degrees is the maximum safe pitch for a stairwell.
  • The maximum rise of each step is 220mm.
  • In domestic properties, stairs can have 36 consecutive steps, but steel staircases for general access can only have 16.
  • The maximum width of a staircase is 2m. Any metal railings, handrails, bannisters or balustrades before this point count as dividers that create 2 single stairwells.
  • For new builds in Surbiton, general access routes must have a mobility-friendly alternative to stairs.
  • Any ramp or raised walkway needs a continuous handrail.


Bannisters, Balustrades & Handrails


As a specialist metal fabrication company, we offer metal railings and balustrades as part of balconies, steel staircases and other features. We also provide metal gates for domestic and commercial properties in the Surbiton area.


You must have a handrail on at least one side of a stairway if it’s less than 1m wide. For wider installations, you’ll need a rail on both sides. At Henley Fabrication, we create metal railings and balustrades to meet every taste and requirement. With many years of training and experience, we can include a range of aesthetic features, such as spindles and ornate filigree.


Any gaps on metal railings or balustrades should not be wider or taller than 99mm. Where drops exceed 600mm in height, use guard rails to block off the opening.


We also offer functional and decorative metal gates in Surbiton which perfectly complement other metal fabrication features.

For further information about the regulations surrounding steel staircases, balustrades and other features in Surbiton, call Henley Fabrication today on 07928 379728.

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