Metal Railings in Kingston | The Benefits of Metal Fabrication for Your Home

Custom metal fabrication is an ideal option for many domestic projects in Kingston. Whether you need metal railings for your garden, balustrades for a staircase or other metalwork, we deliver durable and tailored products the meet your needs and enhance your property. Skilled in everything from metal gates to steel staircases, the team at Henley Fabrication offer everything you need to create the space you’re imagining.


There are numerous benefits to choosing metal products for your home. If you would like to discuss metal fabrication for your project in Kingston, please contact us today.




We create metal gates in either steel or wrought iron, two very strong and durable materials. When we create metal products, we treat and coat them to make them highly weather resistant.


This means they will stay strong and effective through even the most adverse weather conditions in Kingston.




Thanks to their weather resistance, metal gates and balustrades require very little maintenance because they don’t damage easily. Furthermore, galvanised steel is protected from rust for at least 15-20 years, meaning you don’t have to worry about treating steel staircases or other metal installations.




Unlike wood, we can manufacture metal railings to curve nicely around bends and they’re suitable for all kinds of uneven or sloped terrains. This makes metal fabrication ideal for awkward spaces and gardens of every size and shape.


We can also finish metal gates and railings in a broad range of paint colours and decorative details. This allows you to really personalise your property as well as adding a unique touch to your home.




As well as holding up well against the elements, metal railings, gates and steel staircases can’t be easily broken through or torn down. This provides maximum protection against intruders, giving our customers in Kingston peace of mind.


We can also include features such as pickets or sharp tops to make it even more difficult for trespassers to climb over and into your property.




One of the key reasons domestic customers in Kingston choose custom metal fabrication for their property is the aesthetic value we provide. Metal balustrades, fences and gates bring an elegant look to your home and can really add to kerb appeal as well as resale value.


Because metal railings can be as simple or as intricate as you want, there’s an option to suit every taste and style of property.

To discover the full benefits that metal railings, gates and balustrades can bring to your home in Kingston, call Henley Fabrication on 07928 379728.

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